Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We have had a great week in our family. The Teen has been doing very well in his studies, both homeschool and public school courses. The sun is out and the fields are drying so he's  anticipating the start of baseball.

(field cleanup day last year)

My mother is recoverying from her knee replacement last week very well. Physical therapy is hard, but she's getting stronger and more mobile every day.

I'm finally feeling at peace with my new homeschool mom/work- from- home routine. For the first few weeks I felt a little lost. The schedule change was tough and I just didn't quite have it all together. Now I'm loving my new routine and having a little extra time to prepare for the baby.

I began progesterone injections this week in hopes of being able to avoid bedrest and preterm labor. The shot itself is a tough one, but I haven't had too many side effects and the home care nurse was wonderful. She is a fellow believer and is very kind and compassionate.

And as always, I'm very thankful for this little one:

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