Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday Hymns - Not What My Hands Have Done

1 Not what my hands have done
can save my guilty soul;
not what my toiling flesh has borne
can make my spirit whole.
Not what I feel or do
can give me peace with God;
not all my prayers and sighs and tears
can bear my awful load.

2 Your voice alone, O Lord,
can speak to me of grace;
your power alone, O Son of God,
can all my sin erase.
No other work but yours,
no other blood will do;
no strength but that which is divine
can bear me safely through.

3 I praise the Christ of God;
I rest on love divine;
and with unfaltering lip and heart
I call this Savior mine.
My Lord has saved my life
and freely pardon gives;
I love because he first loved me,
I live because he lives.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sunday Hymns - Omnipotent Lord

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Omnipotent Lord, my Savior and King,
Thy succor afford, Thy righteousness bring;
Thy promises bind Thee compassion to have,
Now, now let me find Thee almighty to save.

Rejoicing in hope, and patient in grief,
To Thee I look up for certain relief;
I fear no denial, no danger I fear,
Nor start from the trial, while Jesus is near.

I every hour in jeopardy stand;
But Thou art my power, and holdest my hand;
While yet I am calling, Thy succor I feel,
It saves me from falling, or plucks me from hell.

O who can explain this struggle for life!
This travail and pain, this trembling and strife!
Plague, earthquake, and famine, and tumult, and war,
The wonderful coming of Jesus declare.

For every fight is dreadful and loud,
The warrior’s delight is slaughter and blood,
His foes overturning, till all shall expire;
But this is with burning and fuel of fire.

Yet God is above men, devils, and sin,
My Jesus’ love the battle shall win,
So terribly glorious His coming shall be,
His love all victorious shall conquer for me.

He all shall break through; His truth and His grace
Shall bring me into the plentiful place,
Through much tribulation, through water and fire,
Through floods of temptation, and flames of desire.

On Jesus, my power, till then I rely,
All evil before His presence shall fly;
When I have my Savior, my sin shall depart
And Jesus for ever shall reign in my heart.

-Charles Wesley
-Public Domain


Friday, August 8, 2014

New Chapters.

The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;

Great is Your faithfulness.
-Lamentations 3:22-23 

Last May I wrote this family update, not having the slightest inkling that life was about to change again. That very afternoon my beloved arrived home from work early, having just been escorted from his office by security and put on paid investigative leave. I can't, and won't, share all of the details here but in short those who dwell in darkness hate The Light (John 3:19, 20). 

Over the next several months God provided for us in some truly amazing ways as the investigation dragged on. In the end, we were forced to hire an attorney and all of the wrongs were made right - to God be the glory.

Todd began a new job, a much better job, in June. We love the job, but it is 90 miles away. So

God has provided us with a lovely new home in Mankato, MN. We will be moving in less than two weeks, so we are busy sorting and cleaning. This is a company relocation, so we are incredibly blessed to have movers coming to pack and move us.

God has been so good to us over this year of underemployment and unemployment, through the trial of the investigation, and in finding new employment.

Soli Deo Gloria

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunday Hymns - O Wonderful Word

  1. O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord!
    True wisdom its pages unfold;
    And though we may read them a thousand times o’er,
    They never, no never, grow old!
    Each line hath a treasure, each promise a pearl,
    That all if they will may secure;
    And we know that when time and the world pass away,
    God’s Word shall forever endure.
  2. O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord!
    The lamp that our Father above
    So kindly has lighted to teach us the way
    That leads to the arms of His love!
    Its warnings, its counsels, are faithful and just;
    Its judgments are perfect and pure;
    And we know that when time and the world pass away,
    God’s Word shall forever endure.
  3. O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord!
    Our only salvation is there;
    It carries conviction down deep in the heart,
    And shows us ourselves as we are.
    It tells of a Savior, and points to the cross,
    Where pardon we now may secure;
    For we know that when time and the world pass away,
    God’s Word shall forever endure.
  4. O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord!
    The hope of our friends in the past;
    Its truth, where so firmly they anchored their trust,
    Through ages eternal shall last.
    O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord!
    Unchanging, abiding and sure;
    For we know that when time and the world pass away,
    God’s Word shall forever endure.
  5. -Words: Fanny Crosby
  6. -Music: Ira Sankey
  7. Public Domain
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday Hymns - Salvation's Cup

There was a cup of holy wrath
Which made our fearless Savior quake;
He prayed the cup from Him would pass,
Yet drank its dregs for sinners’ sake.

Our thirst is quenched by Christ the Lord,
Who gives His cup and takes our own.
We taste and see that He is good;
He satisfies, and He alone!

Another cup o’erflows with grace—
Salvation’s bounty, poured by Christ;
He bids our thirsty, sinful race
To come, to drink without a price.

We drink a cup our Lord ordained
To point forgetful hearts above;
With bread it speaks of sinless pain,
Of saving death, of selfless love.

A cup remains, untouched and fair,
Which none shall drink till Christ appears;
The King and Bride its joy will share,
Unmixed with woe, or sin, or tears.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.

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