Monday, February 29, 2016

Redeemer Whither Shall I Flee...

"Redeemer, whither shall I flee,
Or how escape the wrath to come?
The weary sinner flies to thee
For shelter from the impending doom:
Smile on me, gracious Lord, and shew
Thyself the friend of sinners now.
Beneath the shadow of thy cross,
The heavy-laden soul finds rest:
Let me esteem the world as dross,
So I may be of Christ possess'd!
I borrow ev'ry joy from thee,
For thou art life and light to me.
Close to my Savior's bloody tree
My soul, untir'd, shall ever cleave;
Both scourg'd and crucified with thee,
With Christ resolved to die and live.
My pray'r, my grand ambition this,
Living and dying to be his.
O nail me to the sacred wood,
There hold me by the Spirit's chain,
There seal me with thy fast'ning blood,
Nor ever let me loose again:
There may I bow my supplicant knee,
And own no other Lord but thee."
-Augustus Toplady