Monday, January 11, 2010

A Not Me! Monday Surprise Announcement

OK, first the *secret* surprise:

And boy, was Mr K suprised. As was I. Thrilled, overjoyed, shocked, thankful, anxious, tired, nauseated and very surprised.

This is also the first Not Me! of the week. I would never blog about something we decided to keep a secret until after the first trimester. Really. Then it would hardly be a secret. So shhhh... don't tell!

I did not find over the past week that it was impossible to blog without sharing the news.

Nor have I been so distracted by thoughts of tiny baby socks, precious moments nursing in the middle of the night, first baths, first steps, and the craziness of having kids 15 years apart that I would set frosting on the stove to warm, decide to make some tea, and turn on the wrong burner.

Oh, and I wasn't using store-bought frosting because I was too lazy to make the cream cheese frosting for this rainbow cake:

Nope... Not Me!

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